Friday, February 7, 2014

CRANX is 9 days away!!!

The Cranx trip is only 9 days away!  There are still plenty of seats left, so grab a friend and Get on the bus!  Cost is $80. That includes getting there and back, a full day of riding, pizza if I sell the bus out, and a chance to win something!  We have a few movies picked out for the ride, but we are open for suggestions. The bus leaves the shop at 6 AM, sunday the 16th.  Make sure you have your bike taken apart ( front wheel off, pedals off, bars folded down), Its very important to do this.  Its the only way to get 55 bikes on a bus!  Make sure you have a helmet and a Pillow ( its a long ride). 
IMPORTANT!! :  If you are UNDER 18, you MUST download Cranx' waiver from their website, and have it SIGNED and STAMPED by a Public Notary.  Its very easy, and it has to be done. NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you have been to Cranx before, you are all set.  But if this is your first time, which Im sure it is for a lot of you, you MUST HAVE THE WAIVER! :)  I think that is all.  Any questions call the shop. 413-585-8700
Get your payments in please! I dont want to deal with people paying the day of the trip at 6 in the morning :)


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