Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bike Repair Classes

Sooo its still winter out there.  I took a fat bike home last night and tried to embrace it all.  The wind, the sound of the tires on the snow, the stars...  It was pretty amazing I have to say. I was on the snowmobile trail, so running into a sled was expected. He waved as I rode by... I was happy for that,  Ive heard it has gone differently before.

Anyway, its really cold still and there is a lot of snow.  If you dont have a Fat Bike, ( we sell em ), your bike is probably just sitting there.  Does it need some work?  We are offering Bike Repair Classes  at the shop  starting March 11th from 4-6 pm.  Cost is $40 for the 2 hour class.  The first week we will go over the basic parts of the bicycle and then learn how to fix a flat.  The following weeks can be on whatever the class may want to learn next. 
Refreshments will be on hand, and feel free to bring a favorite beverage.
Space is limited to 4 students and one spot has been taken already, so call asap for the others. 
Thanks and see you then!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

43 Days til Cranx!!!

Cranx is only 43 Days away!! Call the shop and GETONTHEBUS!!

Sunday, December 28, 2014


Things are looking good for the next Cranx trip!  Feb 15th is the date. $80.  Includes bus ride ther and back, all day pass to Cranx, and PIZZA!!!  Call the shop to get your seat today! 413 585 8700. #getonthebus

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

I love having kids.  especially at Christmas.  Nothing brings you back to being a kid, like Christmas morning does.  From hearing them get up at 6, talking quietly to each other, sneaking down stairs... So good :)  
My kids did pretty well this year. ( they always do thanks in part to wonderful grandparents, aunts, my crazy generous mom...).  From legos, to gift cards, to electric guitars... Not bad at all.  They also got to see the magic in giving. THE SANTA made a personal visit to our house on Christmas eve.  He stopped by to grab the bikes that were purchased by amazing anonymous donors, and brought my boys along to deliver the bikes.  Its quite a sight to see a young kids face when Santa delivers a bike out of the blue, in person, on Christmas eve.  I didnt take any video out of respect for their privacy, but let me tell you, there were many tears of joy shed that night.  The family that received the bikes have gone through so much the past few years. ALS is a terrible thing. The strength they have shown is inspiring. I hope my boys remember that night forever. I know I will.
This is Jonah taking a ride with the Man.
We were also the recipients of amazing generosity. Thank you so much Grandma Melody, Grandma Roxy, Uncle Joe, Papi, Auntie Catherine, Train Grandpa and Grandma... You are all so appreciated!  And our amazing friends!! Love you all. Cant wait to drink a few cold ones around each of those BumDrums!! 
Thank you all that came by the shop this year... Derek and Weber ( Still so pumped for your new job, Weber!!), SHAMUS, Lou and your kids, Martha,  Zach, Garson... and ALL of the customers that bought something this year! Thank you! Can not do it with out YOU!  Here's to a great 2015!!! Now get on your bike and RIDE!
PS.  CRANX FEB 15th!!! Getonthebus!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Bike of the Month

Dont forget #bikeofthemonth!  Whatever bike is in the window is always 10% off msrp!  This month is a sweet offering from Haro! Steel Reserve 2. Msrp of $859 on sale for $774!! Come in and check out our ever growing selection of BMX, MTB,KidsBikes,FatBikes,RoadBikes,Commuterbikes!!! Shop Local, it matters!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

We have BIKES!

Three of my favorite bikes in the shop right now.
Redline D26 DirtJumper.  So sweet!
Fit Aitken 2 in trans gold.
Surly Ice Cream Truck Fat Bike. Amazing.
Stop in and see what else we have. I bet there is something here for you! Still time to get that bike you want for the Holidays!

Saturday, December 13, 2014


OK, so the last trip didnt happen. Apparently it was too nice out and no one wanted to ride indoors.  Well, its pretty shitty outside now, unless you are at the slopes, so how about another trip to Cranx? The next best time would be over winter break. ( Feb 14th-22nd ). Im thinking the 15th?  How does that work for you all? It would be a sunday, leaving the shop nice and early (6am-ish) and returning back home by around 11pm.  Cost would be the same ($80). Ill call the bus company this week and figure out what is available for them.  Let me know what you think! Cranx is heaven on earth, so Get On The Bus!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Kick Ass Commuter Bikes!

We also just received some sweet commuter bikes by Torker. Torker doesnt make BMX anymore, but they sure do make some rad bikes. Commuter bikes should not be clunky or have suspension in my opinion. An none of these fall into those catagories. Simple, fast, elegant looking bikes. Come get one for Mom or Dad this holiday season!

2015 Bikes

Christmas is just around the corner! We have BMX bikes in from Kink, Haro, Fit, Redline... With prices starting at $269 for the Kink Curb up to $700 for the Redline Proline XL! And everything in between! Who wouldn't want a new whip under the tree this year?! Stop by and say hello.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

We just received a shipment of 2015 Kinks!! Curbs, Carves, Kickers, Launches, Gaps, Whips... Stop in and grab one for the holidays!

Monday, September 22, 2014


Its that time again!!  Time to get on the bus and go to Cranx!  Oct 19th (sunday), the bus leaves the shop at 7am, and will be back by 10 pm.  Cost is $80.  If you have never been to Cranx, you MUST download their waiver from their website and get it signed and stamped by a Public Notary. ( most banks do it for free).  If you have been before, you are all set. 
Your bike ( sorry, no scooters at cranx), must be ready BEFORE you get here.  Take your front wheel off, your pedals off, and turn your bars to the side.  ( its the only way to get 55 bikes on a bus). 
You must have a helmet.  ( they rent)
I will provide PIZZA
Bring a pillow for the ride home.
Bring a GREAT Attitude.  ( lame ones will be left on the side of the road some where in NY)
Cranx is 90,000 square feet of awesomeness, and they now have an Outdoor section as well ( weather permitting).  Indoors there are pumptracks, small jump lines, medium jump lines, Big jump lines, a bowl room, foam pit, street section... Sooo Good!
Any questions, call the shop at 413 585 8700. 
Call soon and reserve a seat on the bus. ( cash or check only).
See you soon!  -J

Friday, February 21, 2014

Cranx is AWESOME!!!

If you ever get the chance, GO TO CRANX in Syracuse, NY.  It was just under 4 hours away, and totally worth it!  55 of us #gotonthebus and made the jouney there and damn... I wanna go back! From small roller pumptracks, to medium roller big bermed box lines to huge box lines ( all rollable too) this place had it.  Even the park people had fun with the amazing bowl room and a foam pit to huck yourself as well.
 For sure my favorite trip to date. Thanks Easthampton crew! You guys are always fun to watch shred.  Thanks Central mass crew for keeping everyone entertained. ( If I rode with you on a regular basis, Gaspar, I might get good!) Thanks to John C and Zach for all the help.  Thanks Norm and Beau for representing the hilltowns!  Thankyou Norm B for your constant enthusiasm.  Hope you enjoy the bars, Dean! You earned them!  Thank you everyone for the positive vibe that was in the air all day long.  Great time. 
Tell me when you want to do it again!

Thursday, February 13, 2014


We are OPEN today.  And you have the day off.  Perfect day to visit your Local Bike Shop.

Friday, February 7, 2014

CRANX is 9 days away!!!

The Cranx trip is only 9 days away!  There are still plenty of seats left, so grab a friend and Get on the bus!  Cost is $80. That includes getting there and back, a full day of riding, pizza if I sell the bus out, and a chance to win something!  We have a few movies picked out for the ride, but we are open for suggestions. The bus leaves the shop at 6 AM, sunday the 16th.  Make sure you have your bike taken apart ( front wheel off, pedals off, bars folded down), Its very important to do this.  Its the only way to get 55 bikes on a bus!  Make sure you have a helmet and a Pillow ( its a long ride). 
IMPORTANT!! :  If you are UNDER 18, you MUST download Cranx' waiver from their website, and have it SIGNED and STAMPED by a Public Notary.  Its very easy, and it has to be done. NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you have been to Cranx before, you are all set.  But if this is your first time, which Im sure it is for a lot of you, you MUST HAVE THE WAIVER! :)  I think that is all.  Any questions call the shop. 413-585-8700
Get your payments in please! I dont want to deal with people paying the day of the trip at 6 in the morning :)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow is comin!

   Looks like another snow day tomorrow!  I like it when they fall on my day off.  Get to go bomb down some hills with my kids! 
   After you get yourself dug out, come visit the shop and see the FatBike we have in right now.  Its our good friend, Don's bike.  FatBikes seem to becoming more and more popular these days, and we carry a few different versions.  A couple by Surley, and one by Origin 8.  Prices range from 1450-2200 for these beasts.  Once you have a Fat Bike, you wonder how you have survived without one.
   And dont forget the $50 tuneup special we are running through February.  This kick ass Independent Fabrication came through and got all spiffed up for the upcoming season.  Such a sweet bike.  Thanks, Jeff!
   Lastly, DONT FORGET about CRANX!  Sunday, Feb 16th.  Bus leaves the shop at 6am!  Still seats available, $80. ( covers the bus ride there and back, plus 7 hours of Riding, pizza, goodtimes, prizes...)  Call the shop with questions. 413 585 8700

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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