Tuesday, January 26, 2010

bike parts

New cranks from FIT. 175 mm clear coat. bangin. Fit Blade lites, cant go wrong. Grips from S&M and Revenge.

a few more...

good times....


a few picks from the Overnighter. Another epic time was had this year at RYE. I think I made it to around 5am when I decided I was done for the night! Eric D. and Eric L. will have to battle it out to see who actually rode more. hahahah Most everyone rode the whole night through, while a few slept for a few hours here and there. No real injuries, only one "fight", and everyone accounted for. Sounds like reason enough to plan the next one! Thanks again to everybody for making it happen. .....Its 40 degrees and sunny right now. Go Ride your bike! -J

Monday, January 18, 2010


quite a few videos in stock. Ask for deals on a few of them!

case is lookin goooood.

....dude. wtf



Super nice, old school lookin sprockets from Odyssey. both 25 tooth. And something from Eclat, also 25t.

Grips and a Madddd crank arm slide!

You all know that there are more grips out there than just Edwins, right?!! Here are a couple...

things to keep your head warm AND look cool at the same time

New lids from Animal arrive once and awhile... here are a few. Along with some dope hats made locally... Nice work Deb.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Stuff...

Nice new Hoodie from T-1, winter coat from Animal, because u cant always wear a hoodie, new red wall tires from Odyssey and Duo... did I mention RYE is only 11 days away? :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

12 days...

Not much more to say... RYE, and moving the shop are about all I can handle these days. Just trying to think about the good things in life... Days that are above 15 degrees out side, sessions at an indoor parking garage, beating the snot out of your nine year old ( at Wii boxing :), sunny days on your snowboard in the woods, $2.99 grinder days at A-1, forts, ....... Get pumped for RYE, everyone!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Only 14 days till RYE!!

Thats right, only 14 days to get on the Bus! Spots are filling up quick. So get your payment in to confirm your seat on the bus. Its going to be epic!! On another note, just received some goods from Odyssey, Kink, Colony, Federal... And for all of you craving front brakes, but just cant quite commit, some new forks will be dropping next week with removable brake mounts! Get your Canadian Nose Picks on!!

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