Wednesday, January 18, 2012

LAST ONE! ( until next year :)

OK, I can do this. :) One more trip to heaven this winter. RYE has been booked for Feb. 18th. Its a saturday night on the first weekend of most of your vacation. Cost is the same, $80. Bus will leave the SHOP at 6 pm on saturday, the 18th. We will get to RYE at 8:30 and ride from 9pm til 9am the next morning. We will get back to the shop around 11:30 am on Sunday morning. Any questions, feel free to call the shop 413 585 8700. The trip is open to anyone who rides a BMX bike, scooter, skateboard, 24" wheels,26"wheels... Hell, I dont care if you bring your inline skates! Just bring a good attitude is all I ask. Here is a list of things you may want to bring...

1.Signed and stamped waiver! Can be downloaded from If you have been before, you are all set. But if u are under 18 and have never been, you MUST have that waiver signed by a parent/legal gaurdian and stamped by a notary public. ( Banks will have one). They will NOT let you ride without it.

1.Bike. take front wheel off, pedals off, and fold your bars down. PLEASE try to do it before u get here.

2. Helmet. ( u have to wear one at RYE)

3. Long sleeves and long pants. OR elbow and knee pads

4. Food/water or $ to buy food/water. They have pizza, chix sand., nachos, gatoraide...

5. Pillow ( recommended)

6. Tools. I bring a lot, but its real nice to have your own basic ones.

7. $ for a tube, brake cable, bolts... Parts break. I bring the basics.

8. Duck tape. So you dont fall out of your seat in the bus on the way home. :)

9. Band-Aids. They have em, but more never hurts.

10. Patience. Im dealing with 50-55 of you all night long. Go easy on me.

11. Its a loooong night. For some of you it will be the most you have ever ridden your bike at one time. The place is huge and has something for everyone. Dont expect to qualify for X Games that night. Just get a few tricks in your head and work on those.

Im sure Im forgetting something... Oh yeah! MONEY gets you a seat. I will not hold seats for people. First come first serve. You can bring cash or a check to the bike shop, or mail a check to Full Circle Bike Shop

44 Maple Street

Florence, Ma 01062

Get stoked!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

ok. one more...

Chrome Race XLT forks and matching Race xlt bars

Those boys at S&M make a fine product. 21" ATF Come and get it Jared!

and more....

Ryan Metro 25tooth beautys.

S&M Pitch XLTs in chrome, Odyssey R32 ( my new fork?) Animal Barrett forks...

CULT, Shadow, BSD...

Aaron double space bars, Headbangers, and Chris Doyle sig bars, all back in stock.

These bars want you to jump off of something really tall.

but wait, theres more!

Kick a-- lights. Its dark out there!

BONEDEATH Seat. Comes with cobwebs.

We always have lots o stems.

Pegs from Animal, Bonedeath, Kink, Stolen ( here this week), G Sport...

Woah. Thats a funny angle... Lose that unwanted weight with a seat/post combo.

New product

Sealed and unsealed plastic pedals.

Sealed and unsealed metal pedals.

Proper female RHD 9tooth laced to a Colony Rim.... whos smooth enough to run this beauty?!

20.75 S&M BTM. sooo purty.

21.25 FIEND. Oh yes, you want it.

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