Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tis the season...

8 Days til the big man slides down your chimney!  Still time for any special orders... Lots of bikes in stock!  Its snowing out, Come take a Fat Bike for a test drive!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Its just a little snow

New reading material showed up yesterday!  Thanks Animal! 
Need a balance bike? Or maybe a 16-20" kids bike?  We have em
Hows about a PK Ripper just like Dad had?!?  16" and Race ready 20" both in stock.
Front load stems still look the best.  How about a Christmas colored scheme for your bike... Tommy Dugan's stem from Odyssey looks very clean.  And this Tempered one in red is Bad ass! 
Its snowing out today.... Supposed to get upwards of a foot.  Personally, I love it and cant wait to drive home in it.  But some seem to think its the end of the world as soon as the white stuff starts falling.  Its NewEngland folks.  Relax.  Go fire up the Subaru or 4x4 and head out to the shop.  Its a perfect winter day!  Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas 2013!!

    Damn, I havn't made a post here since last February!  A lot has happened in 10 months... The biggest thing being that we moved the Shop!  Only a 1/4 mile from the old space, we are now located at 141 N. Main st. Florence, Ma 01062.  North main street is also Rt 9. So you cant miss us. We are right in-between the center of Florence and Look Park.  Come check out the new space,  its sooo much better!  
    We have lots of bikes in right now, so there should be something for everyone... On the freestyle end,Subrosas, Kinks, Fits... For race bikes we have the whole Redline MX series in stock, with a few Prolines, and Flights always available.  For Mom and Dad, we have added a whole commuter series to choose from.  Torker Graduates, T300s, and U Districts are all here, along with Single speeds (fixed or free) from Masi.  How about a FAT BIKE? We have one here from Origin 8, and Surlys are always available.   Need a 26" dirt Jumper?  Got 'em.  Haro's Steel Reserve is pretty sweet for the $.  Or if just crusin is what your are after, look no further than the Volume Hessian.  26" wheels with a BMX heart and sole. Kids bikes?  We got em. Balance bikes, 16" bikes, 18" bikes...  Need some T shirts, hats or beanies?  We have em from the likes of S&M, FIT, Subrosa, Kink, Banned, Animal... How about some shoes?  Etnies should have you covered.  Have a little brother or sister that is bugging you for a scooter?  Still have those, too. From Sacrifice, District, Dominator, Royal... with parts from Tilt, Proto... Need your bike repaired?  With Zach Burns and myself turning wrenches, we can fix just about anything.  And we will always be honest with you and never over charge
    Its been 7 years now since I opened the doors to Full Circle.  We have learned a lot in that time... We have built something that even I couldnt have imagined. Thank you to all that have supported me through the years and here is to another 7!!  See you soon! -J

Friday, February 15, 2013

The goods

Heres a few goodies that have arrived recently.  TREE, Profile, Animal.  Cant go wrong there.  Come stop by the shop.  Theres always a video on AND the ping pong table is getting pretty serious! Spring is not far away!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Never posted this...

So Chowder has come and gone.  The spoon has been from Chesterfield to Danielson, Ct, back to Chesterfield and now rests in the parking lot in front of the bike shop.  A day does not go by that we do not answer some sort of question about it... " what is it?" to "why" are the two most common.  Which always leads me into the whole story of how it became what it is today. 
   I love the spoon. Its so much more than just a rad obstacle to ride. Its a drawing on a piece of paper that became an 18 foot sculpture, with all of the things that go along with making such an item.  So many people came together to make it happen.  Time was spent when there wasnt any time to spend.  Schedules were rearranged, buildings were loaned for work space, tools were borrowed, money was fronted, hell, there was even a heart that was attacked right after completion!. ( Dont worry, the soul won and the heart continues to beat).
Its certainly more than just a spoon...
And now all I seem to do, is put things in it! Here are a few and Im pretty sure there will be more to follow.
I just turned 40 this past weekend.  My wife did exactly what I asked her not to do... Thanks, honey :) xoxo

Feels like spring out there

This was from awhile back... Shop has changed a bit, but is still behind the same philosophy. 

Spring 2013 is going to be a good one!

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