Saturday, December 14, 2013

Its just a little snow

New reading material showed up yesterday!  Thanks Animal! 
Need a balance bike? Or maybe a 16-20" kids bike?  We have em
Hows about a PK Ripper just like Dad had?!?  16" and Race ready 20" both in stock.
Front load stems still look the best.  How about a Christmas colored scheme for your bike... Tommy Dugan's stem from Odyssey looks very clean.  And this Tempered one in red is Bad ass! 
Its snowing out today.... Supposed to get upwards of a foot.  Personally, I love it and cant wait to drive home in it.  But some seem to think its the end of the world as soon as the white stuff starts falling.  Its NewEngland folks.  Relax.  Go fire up the Subaru or 4x4 and head out to the shop.  Its a perfect winter day!  Happy Holidays!


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