Friday, June 29, 2012

RYE Airfield, Baby!

T-minus 30 hours and counting til take-off!  Thats right, another trip to the best park in New England!  Bus leaves at 6pm from the shop and we arrive at RYE for 8:30pm.  We then ride from 9pm til 9am sunday morning and arrive back at the shop around 11:30 am.   Dont forget your waiver!!! ( If u have been before, you are all set).  If this is your first time, DO NOT forget the waiver.  You can download it from Ryes website.  And you have to get it signed by a public Notary. ( your local bank will have one).  There are still some seats left, so tell a friend!  Get psyched!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Late night in the dirt

Fathers day was yesterday....  I love my kids.  Homemade trail mix, homemade cards, a morning bike ride up the airplane strip... I love them very much.  

Talked to my Dad on the phone for a brief moment.  Cant remember the last father's day I spent with him...

Went to the shop from 12-5.  It was busy.

Came home, Dinner with my wife and Jonah.  Thank you, dear.

Spent the last 4 hours of my day/night digging in the dirt.  There really isnt a better way to get my thoughts out, than sculpting dirt to ride bikes on,(especially at 1 in the morning) with a RedSox game on the truck radio in the background.  I can get things accomplished ( new roller into a bridge, into a berm) and also think/talk out loud to myself about all the things that are going on in my life right now.  My family is important.  My friends are important.  What I do everyday to better myself  is important.  How I let the outside world affect me is important.  That last one, Im working on...

Thank you to ALL that have supported me through the first 5 years of this saga. Your LOYALTY and support means everything to me.  I hope the shop is more to you than just a place to get your new parts from. You certainly mean more to me than just a dollar sign.  Thank you.  I plan on doing it for a few more decades. :)

I hope the rain holds off tonight.  .  I want to try that bridge out.  See you soon, J.

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