Monday, June 18, 2012

Late night in the dirt

Fathers day was yesterday....  I love my kids.  Homemade trail mix, homemade cards, a morning bike ride up the airplane strip... I love them very much.  

Talked to my Dad on the phone for a brief moment.  Cant remember the last father's day I spent with him...

Went to the shop from 12-5.  It was busy.

Came home, Dinner with my wife and Jonah.  Thank you, dear.

Spent the last 4 hours of my day/night digging in the dirt.  There really isnt a better way to get my thoughts out, than sculpting dirt to ride bikes on,(especially at 1 in the morning) with a RedSox game on the truck radio in the background.  I can get things accomplished ( new roller into a bridge, into a berm) and also think/talk out loud to myself about all the things that are going on in my life right now.  My family is important.  My friends are important.  What I do everyday to better myself  is important.  How I let the outside world affect me is important.  That last one, Im working on...

Thank you to ALL that have supported me through the first 5 years of this saga. Your LOYALTY and support means everything to me.  I hope the shop is more to you than just a place to get your new parts from. You certainly mean more to me than just a dollar sign.  Thank you.  I plan on doing it for a few more decades. :)

I hope the rain holds off tonight.  .  I want to try that bridge out.  See you soon, J.

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