Thursday, September 23, 2010

Old timers night.

My friend Bruce came over last night. Hes 43, and he bought his first BMX bike two years ago. A sweet FBM Maneater built up with Odyssey and S&M parts. Dialed. He and I shredded the pump track last night! Pictures not necessary. His wife, Alysson, even gave it a go! Crashed coming out of the big berm! :) BMX forever.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

few more...

phewwww. Busy Summer

Its been awhile (Sorry Aaron) since the last post. Summer has been really busy, and writing on this thing was really the last thing I wanted to do. So I didn't. haha Well now its fall, and the repairs have gone away, sales are a little slower, and I should pay more attention to this world wide web thing. I guess.

Bikes have come and gone this summer. The 2010 models have all but disappeared, and the 2011s have slowly been rolling in the door. Kinks are here, Uniteds, Fits,Subrosas, and newly acquired Verde. FBMs really soon, We The Peoples, Redlines and even SEs for all you( us) old timers. Parts are always coming in the door. Get that wheel built up that you so desperately need. And new soft goods from Fit should be arriving soon as well.

And finally, the other thing that has been keeping me busy.... Pump track, baby!

Keep riding ( its really the best time of year), keep digging, get ready for another RYE trip this winter, have fun, see ya around

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