Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Q&A With Corey Sampson

How long have you been riding?
"hmmmm my whole life but i started getting really into it like 4 years ago."
What got you into BMX?
"well i always loved watching the xgames back in the day and i just begged my grams for a bike and i got a haro backtrail x1 and ever since then ive been doing bunny hops and 1 footers"
Any outside hobbies other then BMX?
"I recently bought a bought a canon t1i and im trying to do some stuff with filming. hopefully heading to new york film academy next year"
Whats your favorite style of riding?
"i know i will probably have a lot of hating on me but im a little park rat. i do like to ride street and trails are super fun but i dont know i just really like park"
Do you perfer contest style riding or mellow sessions?
"honestly contests hype me up but i love just having a day of riding with me good ole buddies austin and andre. just laughing and playing stupid games"
Slampigz? tell me more?
" i currently ride for slampigz apparel its a small clothing company that i saw had potential and they were looking for riders so matt the owner asked me to have a sit down and get to know eachother and we vibed and now its been about a year since ive been riding for them."
Plans for 2011?
"i just plan on riding my bike alot more, maybe throw some team up with full circle bike shop and throw some contests and events for the locals. and maybe get a job filming"

questions asked by austin carmel


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