Monday, July 23, 2012

BAD IDEA Premier

Empire's NewVideo, Bad Idea, went off last night.  Most excellent.  I loved it right from the start.  Great intro, great line up, great soundtrack.  Thanks to the crew that should up for it on such short notice.  Thanks as always for the TV, Mr. Sampson. 

Kevin Porter's section had my smiling right away.  Great tune, unique moves.  His best section yet.

Sean Sexton.  Damn.  I didnt think I liked the looks of a flair, until this part came along.  Good god.  He kills it.

Tom Smith... wow.  What was that, a 200 foot hang five????  curved? downhill? thumbs up.

Tom Dugan.  TREMENDOUS.  Favorite part hands down.

Chase Hawk.  His last line through 9th street was so insane. I dont go as fast forwards, as he does backwards.  And his airs are as lofty as ever.  Great song as well.

Aaron Ross finished things up with 540s and tail whips out of rails... How the hell do you feeble down a steep ass rail and whip out of it?  Nice work.

We then headed out to UMASS for a few hours.  Austin and Austin were amazing.  Elvin gets better everyday it seems.  Jeremy Tan showed up, Drew and his Dad Will raced around everything. Josh was having a blast as always. Justin destroyed his back wheel :(.  Even Joe was feeble grinding the pads at South West.  Thanks to Kathy? for bringing your son, Jamie down.  I hope he had a good time.  All in all it was a good night.  Thank you to everyone that showed.  Next week my house? 

 Sorry, Will.
 Austin C. with a 3
 Austin with a T- Bog.
 Austin C  throwing em.
 Justin. Bad timing on my part, sorry.
 Elvin getting horizontal.

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