Friday, February 21, 2014

Cranx is AWESOME!!!

If you ever get the chance, GO TO CRANX in Syracuse, NY.  It was just under 4 hours away, and totally worth it!  55 of us #gotonthebus and made the jouney there and damn... I wanna go back! From small roller pumptracks, to medium roller big bermed box lines to huge box lines ( all rollable too) this place had it.  Even the park people had fun with the amazing bowl room and a foam pit to huck yourself as well.
 For sure my favorite trip to date. Thanks Easthampton crew! You guys are always fun to watch shred.  Thanks Central mass crew for keeping everyone entertained. ( If I rode with you on a regular basis, Gaspar, I might get good!) Thanks to John C and Zach for all the help.  Thanks Norm and Beau for representing the hilltowns!  Thankyou Norm B for your constant enthusiasm.  Hope you enjoy the bars, Dean! You earned them!  Thank you everyone for the positive vibe that was in the air all day long.  Great time. 
Tell me when you want to do it again!


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