Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

I love having kids.  especially at Christmas.  Nothing brings you back to being a kid, like Christmas morning does.  From hearing them get up at 6, talking quietly to each other, sneaking down stairs... So good :)  
My kids did pretty well this year. ( they always do thanks in part to wonderful grandparents, aunts, my crazy generous mom...).  From legos, to gift cards, to electric guitars... Not bad at all.  They also got to see the magic in giving. THE SANTA made a personal visit to our house on Christmas eve.  He stopped by to grab the bikes that were purchased by amazing anonymous donors, and brought my boys along to deliver the bikes.  Its quite a sight to see a young kids face when Santa delivers a bike out of the blue, in person, on Christmas eve.  I didnt take any video out of respect for their privacy, but let me tell you, there were many tears of joy shed that night.  The family that received the bikes have gone through so much the past few years. ALS is a terrible thing. The strength they have shown is inspiring. I hope my boys remember that night forever. I know I will.
This is Jonah taking a ride with the Man.
We were also the recipients of amazing generosity. Thank you so much Grandma Melody, Grandma Roxy, Uncle Joe, Papi, Auntie Catherine, Train Grandpa and Grandma... You are all so appreciated!  And our amazing friends!! Love you all. Cant wait to drink a few cold ones around each of those BumDrums!! 
Thank you all that came by the shop this year... Derek and Weber ( Still so pumped for your new job, Weber!!), SHAMUS, Lou and your kids, Martha,  Zach, Garson... and ALL of the customers that bought something this year! Thank you! Can not do it with out YOU!  Here's to a great 2015!!! Now get on your bike and RIDE!
PS.  CRANX FEB 15th!!! Getonthebus!


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