Saturday, December 5, 2009

No excuses

Snow is falling, but I still want to ride my bike. Its the same shit every year. Snow in New England. Dont sit around and complain about it, though. Go somewhere and ride! Go to the mountains and ride your snowboard. ( Or skis. thats for you, Brian) Save 30 bucks, get together with your buds, and road trip to Rye, or Haven, or Cranmer's place in Jersey. Ask Andrew how to get there :) Build some stuff and ride it in your parents Barn. Someone must have a barn out there?!? Get on the horn about the Underground Bunker in Chesterfield. Its 15,000 square feet, underground, just waiting for us to act on it. I've asked the owner and he is down with it... Build a damn kicker and ride it all day long in your drive way! ...... Or just put on a hat, gloves, some thermals and get out there!


  1. Yeah, keep the lots cleared so they dry fast, start building those ski bikes and post pics, get the jumps built at all the decent local hills.


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