Monday, December 28, 2009


Hows about saturday, January 23rd. Its official. Thats when the all nighter will take place at RYE Airfield. Cost is $80. Same as last year. Sign up ASAP, WITH your money. You have to pre-pay!! Its the only way I can do it. Last year was freakin awesome, this year will be even better. Bring food, because Im NOT cooking breakfast for 65 people again! :)
So come in to the shop and sign up, WITH your $ for the trip. Sorry to keep stressing it, but last year was a pain in the ass collecting everyones $ before the trip. So make J happy and lets do this. Oh yeah, the only way 65 bmx bikes can fit on a bus is to take the handle bars and front wheel off. Lay them next to each other against the frame and connect them all. It will make the departure that much easier.

The bus only fits 64, I think. So its first come first serve...


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