Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Think dirt

     I know its ass-freezin cold out there.  Try to enjoy it... Go sledding or something. Build a huge roller, to berm, to jump, out of snow.  Build a 20 foot long shark in your front yard. Snowpiles from  plowing the driveway make for a perfect "block" to carve something out of... Just dont tell your Dad why his handsaw is all rusty and dull from carving things in the snow with it.   Its up to 20 today and warmer the next few days.  Basically, quit your bitchin and go DO something.
     And if that doesnt work, think about what you might want to build out of dirt, and start planning for Spring.  If you are lucky enough to have family with land and they let you build on it.. awesome. But if you cant build it on your own land or a friends land, just make sure its "O.K."  with where-ever you do decide to build.  On the edge of a field, in town, with "No Tresspassing" signs everywhere, in view from the road... Not a good spot.  Deep in the woods, no houses or "signs" anywhere, out of town, good soil...  Good spot.     It should be somewhat Difficult to get to your spot.  You dont want people to really see a bunch of kids walking in and out of the woods with shovels, bikes, wheelbarrows and such.  If everything was easy, everyone would be doing it.
     I have to go do my wednesday chores now.  You know, the dump, pick up the kids from school...
Here is a shot from September 2010. I think we need to bring that "volcano thing" back, Mr Gaspar. Just a thought.


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